1. Unload weapons upon arrival at range and keep weapons in holster.

2. Load weapon ONLY on command.

3. Keep weapon muzzle pointed down range when not in holster.

4. Report all Misfires or Malfunctions to the Rangemaster IMMEDIATELY.

5. Keep finger off trigger except when ready to fire.

6. Shoot ONLY at target.

7. Ear and Eye protection WILL be worn while on firing line.

8. NO SMOKING on firing line OR in Ammo room.

9. NO Horseplay.

10. NO ALCOHOL allowed on range or consumed 8 hours prior to coming to the range.

11. When not on firing line keep firearms holstered OR Cylinder/Slide open.

12. Obey ALL Commands of the Rangemaster immediately.

13. When anyone is down range (Target replacement, etc.) ALL GUNS will be open and the gun benched or holstered EMPTY.

14. NO FIREARMS will be handled until the all clear signal is given.